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A Taste of Solitude

an image of A Taste of Solitude

My first picture in over 8 months, and i’m quite pleased with it! The original is a huuuge 5500x2062 pixels, which took 18+hrs to render! I have discovered that Bryce is pretty unstable on my system when rendering on screen, so now i render everything straight to disk. The characters were all done in Poser and are naked. The only thing I’ve done in Photoshop is draw the clothes on the people and add a fading trail of footprints in the sand, other than that this is the naked Bryce render.

Matt Wilcox. Original text that went with this image.

  • Image Creation: August 2001
  • Created On: Athlon 850Mhz, 512Mb RAM
  • Created Using: Bryce, Photoshop, Poser

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