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Background information | Matt Wilcox .net

Here's a little context for those of you not familiar with the website or the person.

About Matt

This site is well over 6yrs old and is high on my list of "tear it down and start again" priorities. The content down below was out of date three years ago and was already old then!

For anyone who IS interested: I'm a front-end specialist who does HTML/CSS/jQuery and has been doing those full-time at various design agencies for the last 6-7 years. I love photography, bouldering, music, and my better half.

Hi, I’m Matt Wilcox, a 27yr old English guy who has recently moved to Wales, where I’m finding out what the bachelor life is like; so far I’m loving it!

I’m a relativly easy going guy who also likes to think things through and do things properly. I try to avoid being serious all the time because down that path lies premature old age and a wrinkled forehead. You’re as likely to see me engaged in a serious (but calm) debate as you are to see me bouncing around randomly in Tigger-esque fashion or engaged in an inter-office slow motion imaginary gunfight.

Talking of the office, I work at the brilliant Karova with a bunch of very talented and fun people. I’m the designer. I come up with the look and feel of a website, create the graphics, and then code the XHTML and CSS. I leave it to smarter people (Phil Roche, Aled Davies, Joel Bradbury, Peter Roxburgh, and others) to get all the fancy back-end framework and server shinanigans working.

My culinary prowess extends the whole range of toast dishes, though now I’m living on my own I have ended up eating even more fruit (it’s easy to prepare), and I am slowly expanding my pallete to include none bread related intake. It’s a brave new world.

I love music. I could spend fortunes on new music and it’s a depressing thought to realise that I won’t live long enough to hear all the music the world has to offer. I have a last.fm account if you’d like to see in detail the sort of stuff I listen to. It’s a varied collection. If you download the last.fm player you can listen to some of my most loved tracks (but not all, some artists don’t allow streaming via last.fm yet). I highly recommend last.fm if you’re a music fan. get an account, download the player, and the iTunes/WMP plug-ins. You’ll love it.

About this website

The site has been around for about four years, in various incarnations. The last rebuild was a big one, though I’ve managed to keep all the old content. It’s built from the ground up using PHP5 and MySQL to handel all the dynamic stuff, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for all the front end stuff. There are also a couple of Microformats thrown in for good measure.

I’ve done my best to make this website as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. To learn more visit the accessibility page

Contact Matt

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Digestable Nuggets

The Person

  • 5'9" (1m 76cm)
  • 8st 4lb (52kg)
  • Skinny (obviously)
  • Prone to hayfever
  • Loves music
  • Is English
  • Loves arty stuff
  • Detests unwarrented verbosity
  • Can neither dance nor sing (much to my dismay)

Dreams for life

  • Live in a log cabin half way up a snowy Canadian mountain; a fire in the hearth, a Winter Chill album playing softly, and plenty of quality snuggling with a significant other. Ohhhh yeah.
  • Possible world domination, time permitting.

Matt does…

  • Want a 1982/1969 Chevrolet Corvette and a life-time supply of petrol
  • Enjoy those late night philosophical conversations
  • Have an Amazon Wishlist, you lovely person. Did I mention your impressive demeanour, stunning looks and great sense of humour?

Site information

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This domain and all content is a copy of my old website, for historical purposes only.