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Fantasy Realm

an image of Fantasy Realm

This image was a progression from a render of the castle. It’s taken a long time to get to this (mainly because iv’e been working on it on and off).
There are three Bryce renders of the same scene, composited in Photoshop. the clothes, hair, fire, arrow, blood, bushes, ruin and smoke were all painted on afterward with the Wacom tablet (you can tell, unfortunately, need to practice more!). The original image is twice this resolution, which is a lot nicer because you can see more detail, but it doesn’t fit on a monitor. (Unless you’ve got a HUGE one at a stupid res! smiley icon: wink )

Matt Wilcox. Original text that went with this image.

  • Image Creation: November 2000
  • Created On: Athlon 850, 256Mb RAM
  • Created Using: Bryce, Rhino, Photoshop, Poser

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