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For Vickie

an image of For Vickie

This was the first ever picture i’ve made with intention of printing, the full res version is 2048x1536. The photo-print (8″x6″) was for Vickie (hence the clever title! smiley icon: wink ). I hope she likes it, i put a fair ammount of thought into it (for me!), it’s supposed to be a representative image of some of her best qualities, how successful iv’e been in that aim i’m not sure.

It took over 45hrs to render (in total), total time taken i’d guess at about 55-60hrs including render times, though it was done over a couple of weeks. Everything made by myself, the body is two seperate renders composited, the roses and rose shadows are also seperate layers. This version has a fixed hand, Bryce doesn’t import *.obj meshes quite right and her index finger didn’t come through so i had to make her a new one in Photoshop. smiley icon: smile

Matt Wilcox. Original text that went with this image.

  • Image Creation: December 2000
  • Created On: Athlon 850Mhz, 256Mb RAM
  • Created Using: Bryce, Photoshop, Poser, Rhino

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