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Fire Statuette

an image of Fire Statuette

This image started off with the intention of doing something quite different, but messing about in Photoshop i fluked a cool effect with the layers and developed it into this, which i like a lot! There are actually two renders here, one of her as a metal and another as a glass. The original is 2048x1536 but here i hit a problem. Bryce crashes every single time when rendering her as a glass figure. Iv’e tried changing the material refraction settings and the Spacial Optimisation, to no avail and i can’t adjust the camera angle because it wouldn’t work when i re-composite the picture. Iv’e also tried her at 1024x768 and it crashes even earlier then, before it starts to anti-alais. I’m not a happy chap, i have plans for this picture, something quite different but as it won’t render… Grr!

There are 31 lights in this scene, the metal version taking around 12min to render at full res…the glass one (if i can stop it crashing) will be about 4hrs.

Matt Wilcox. Original text that went with this image.

  • Image Creation: November 2000
  • Created On: Athlon 850Mhz, 256Mb RAM
  • Created Using: Bryce, Photoshop, Poser

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