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Christmas 2007, and the New Year

A little later than intended, here’s the Christmas/New Year blog post (the post is back-dated because there’s a bug in my blog at the moment). Only there’s not much writing, so you’ll have to look at the photo’s and watch the video’s for your five minutes of entertainment I’m afraid.

I went back home to visit family for a week at Christmas, which was nice. Christmas Eve was spent at the pub with friends, which is becoming something of a tradition. Matt stayed over and was therefore with us on Christmas morning too, which is the first time the Wilcox family’s Christmas morning line-up has been different for over 16 years. Weird! I had a nice relaxing Christmas, and hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

New Year was a little different this year, with people coming over to visit me at my flat! It was very cool, so thanks Matt, Kath, Liz, Mike, Ben and Lou lou smiley icon: smile The evening was spent munching on buffet, warbling to SingStar (lamenting my inability to sing), and generally having fun.

2007 in review

I’ll flesh this out later, but if I leave it any longer before making this post it’ll be 2009…

Looking back, the events from earlier this year feel like so much longer ago, as sign I suppose of how busy I’ve been this year, and how much has happened. Anyway, to start at the start - how did I do with my Goals for 2007? Err… not well, considering there were only two goals. The meditation I managed for perhaps a couple of weeks, and the getting out side my comfort zone went well for a few months but then tailed off. On the plus side I have found more time to relax, read a few books (new and old), and enjoy some me-time. I even did a successful month of getting up at 6am.
This year has been busy, and had it’s fair share of ups and downs. Simple things like playing frisbee in the summer sun at Roman Circle were brilliant, sitting outside watching the stars with friends, and the Summer Ball were great too. I’ve noticed the parts of 2007 that really shine are the parts shared with the best of people. People I know are great. You should know me too, and then you would know all of these brilliant people too smiley icon: joke Having fun at Newborough beach on Heather’s last day at uni was a bizarre mix of high and low. At work, Joel and myself had a laugh making videos, Ben and myself have strolled up the odd mountain, My family (including Grandparents) have come for a visit a few times, and it’s been awesome to have Heath come visit a few times too (including just after new year - not written up yet). This year I’ve joined the Bangor Photography Society, though as Karova moved premises again this year, it’s now a less-than-convenient 36 miles away from work, so I’ve not been to any meetings for a couple of months smiley icon: sad


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 7 days, 7hrs, 41mins after the entry and said:

    PS - all the photo's from New Year are thanks to Matt. All the other photo's and videos are essentially thanks to Mike letting everyone have a go with his camera smiley icon: smile

  2. Philip Roche posted 7 days, 19hrs, 28mins after the entry and said:

    It looks like you had a good laugh over New Year. Bring on 2008!!!

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