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Family visit, and other catching up

I’m more than a little late getting this written up, which will be no surprise to most of you. Last weekend my parents, granddad, and little brother came to stay for the weekend, which was great. They got here on the Friday evening and I think everyone was a little tired so we stayed in, chatted, tried to get Thomas to volunteer to make tea for everyone, and watched a little TV. I also challenged Thomas to a little Burnout on the GameCube. A mistake - it’s been years since I last played and frankly I got soundly beaten. At least I can beat him at miniature basketball though.

Saturday we walked around town, had some coffee out by the gardens, watched the lifeboat launch on a rescue mission, and generally took in the scenery. I challenged Thomas to a game of Mario Kart, seeing as I played that in the last few months. I got soundly beaten in most of those races too. In highly annoying fashion I’d be ahead for most of the race before getting hit by two or three things in a row and watching Thomas sail past to clinch the win right at the end of almost every race. Gutting.

Sunday featured yet more walking around, chatting, and generally relaxing. We also got my shelf re-attached to the wall as it had fallen off while I was in the shower a week before. Turns out the screws were not deep enough into the wall, and after getting the drill out with a masonry bit in the chuck we discovered they weren’t deep enough because there’s something in the wall that a drill just won’t touch. Being resourceful Granddad suggested some No More Nails, and after applying that to the screws and liberally along the woodwork I can firmly tell you that shelf won’t be moving any time soon. I pity whoever wants to take it down after I move out.

Other stuff

Other than that I’ve been hella-busy at work, and spending my evenings watching Heroes, which is really rather good. I’ve been out and about with the camera after work, more as an excuse to walk about than anything else really. This weekend I went back home, fixed my granddad’s computer, washed the car (which was in dire need of it), and went to see Harry Potter at the cinema with Mike and Kate. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and good to catch up with people. It was also the best sleep I’ve had in weeks - there are no damned seagulls screaming and walking on the roof at 5am over there.

Anyway, there are some photo’s attached and I shall not waffle any longer. I’m tired, bed (and an episode of Heroes) is calling me, and they both sound rather good.


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  1. Little Bro posted 1 days, 17hrs, 49mins after the entry and said:

    You beat me once out of two games with the mini basketball. smiley icon: joke Can't wait to beat you at Mario Kart again smiley icon: joke

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