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Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia

Ben and myself have been meaning to get out and about into the great outdoors with our cameras for ages. This week we finally did something about it and went for a walk up one of the mountains at Llyn Ogwen in Snowdonia.

I had no decent walking gear so we headed off to Bangor high street before hand, where I picked up some new walking boots, a pair of breathable light-weight trousers, and a worryingly thin t-shirt. Somehow that added up to £131, even with a complimentary 10% student discount thrown in thanks to Ben (cheers dude).

Wales is a very scenic country, the weather was good, and we had Ben tracking everything on his GPS equipped phone - so the walk was great. Refreshing outdoors with a hint of nerdiness. We stopped off for a bite to eat at the start, where I managed to feed a very small finch or some-such bird from my hand - apparently they like the pastry on a sausage roll. It was the most incredibly tame/fearless tiny bird I’ve ever seen. Sure, seagulls will fly along and steal the food from your hand - but they are big dumb things and they do it when they aren’t invited to do so, so they are on the opposite end of the ‘appealing/repulsive’ scale to Bob the green finch-like bird.

Anyway, the walk. Wow but sitting at a desk all day takes an effect. In my head I’m still that kid that can spend all day playing football. It was hard work getting up to the top (the not-broken-in-yet boots didn’t help). Worth it though, check out the photo’s and video.


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  1. Ben posted 33min, 2sec after the entry and said:

    Awesome Entry ! been wanting to see this ! smiley icon: smile . I must admit it looks alot more photogenic on the photos, where as when your up there, it feels like there is not much to take a photo of, if that makes any sort of sense ! lol. Another trip soon I reckon if your up for it good sir ! been told some good routes by Rach, a whole days walking involved though ! :O, smiley icon: laugh, cya soon dude, B

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