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Bangor university summer ball 2007

Last Saturday was the Bangor University Summer Ball, Ben and myself had talked briefly about whether or not to bother going during the previous week. Last year we didn’t, but I’m so glad we did this year, it was such good fun!

The whole thing was set up brilliantly right from the start, when we joined the queue to get into the place and there was a student band playing in their garden. Absolutely brilliant, and entirely surreal. I often think that life would be so much better set to music (and sometimes I confess that it actually is in my head), and this was spot on. Before that, Samanta, Heather, Ben, and myself all went to Fat Cats for a brief warm-up drink, which was good too. And walking through bangor is an odd experience when most of the people you see are in ball-gowns and suits. There was the odd person in something different, most notably the extremely pretty oriental girl in a very fetching kimono. It felt good, and frankly I’d like the excuse to get dressed up more often. I’d decided to don my full waistcoat and jacket, complete with Fedora - which turned out to be an excellent choice, so I’m glad Heaths mentioned the hat, or I’d not have bothered with it. The hat, I have found, is key. smiley icon: wink

There was far too much that went on during the night, so it’s pointless trying to tell you much about it. The night started at 7pm or thereabout, and we left the ball itself after sunrise the next morning. Ben and myself went to Varsity for a full english breakfast, which got to us what seemed an eternity later, and it was 6am with the sun well up by the time we stumbled back to Ben’s and I crashed out on the floor for a few hours. I was up again at 11am, has a monged out chat with a surprisingly alert Heather for a few hours, and then drove carefully home, where I spent most of Sunday sleeping.

There’s a host of photos, and a few videos, by way of cataloguing the evening. As my site doesn’t handle video too well I’ve set up a viddler account, and you can watch them here. If you like you can download higher quality versions by clicking on the video links that appear right after all the photos. I apologise for the videos being far too short - I hadn’t realised just how much video and how many photos you can store on a 2Gb card. Viddler, by the way, is flippin’ awesome.

My apologies for the poor sound, for those that need it it goes…
Me: I’m just doing a video.
Heather: Hello *wave* How are you Jimi?
Me: I’m OK thank you, I am fine.
Heather: Good Good
*pan to Ben, who’s pulling a face*
Me:I’m videoing!
Ben: Pull a face! Rwaaaaor!
Me: Oh God!
Ben: Woah, I’m a little bit drunk.
Ben: *holds up fosters* This is the greatest device of mankind. Mike! Come here a min. Look! *gestures at the can of fosters*
Mike: *looks puzzled*
Mike: *pretends to be amazed*
Ben: *Provides explanation* Jimi’s videoing.
Mike: *THAT look*

Har har har!


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  1. Ben posted 1hrs, 16min, 30sec after the entry and said:

    AWESOME ! entry dude, well worth the wait smiley icon: wink, and the power of the jimster/hat should never be under estimated dude ! lol, well played sir smiley icon: wink Samanta (sitting here as I write this) says bring on the charm smiley icon: wink giggdy smiley icon: wink lol, have a good one dude, cya soon, Ben

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