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Newborough Beach

Saturday was a beautiful day with clear skies and not a lot to do. It was also Heather’s last day at university and her last day in Bangor, so the remains of our little gang decided to spend it at the beach, relaxing and having a laugh.

This entry, like the last one in the Journal, is one that’s more in my head and memory than suitable for text. It was brilliant fun, we spent the day chasing balls, throwing things, playing Frisbee (meeting new people - hello Honey!), having a BBQ, swimming/paddling, and generally doing the usual beach stuff. There was also a group of students that appeared later on who stayed the night on the beach, which would have been wicked fun! The photos and video are a better record of that than my silly words.

It was fun, but tinged a little by sadness. It’s the end of an era, because it’s the end of the 2007 university year. Many people I’ve come to know through Ben (the perpetual student) are now leaving for good, to go do what they have studied so hard to do, or to take a break from studying and find out their priorities and a little about themselves. Some are staying on another year (Ben…), but Heather is one of that last to go who won’t be returning, and she’s also the person I’ve got to know best. I’ve met a lot of good people that I’m not going to see again, and I’ve met a couple of extraordinary people who I sincerely hope I will. It’s always sad when saying goodbye and the future is uncertain, but Saturday was about celebrating good times and good people, which is what made it so special.

As with all eras that end, it’s also the beginning of a new one. There’s a big world out there full of excitement, opportunities, and new things to discover. I’m sure many of my friends and people I’ve met over the last two or three years are going to have a blast with it, and for myself and Ben - come the end of summer there will be new people to meet, and new friends to make.

Here’s to good friends, good times, and an exciting future for all. *raises a glass*

Video (and commentary) for the above by Ben Walker.


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  1. Ben posted 5hrs, 20min, 45sec after the entry and said:

    *sheds a tear* awesome diary entry dude, the best you've done ! happy memorys and awesome pics and videoage smiley icon: smile Many more memories ahead as well ! See everyone soon smiley icon: smile B

  2. GD posted 16hrs, 25min, 30sec after the entry and said:

    Brilliant writing Matthew and the pictures are wonderful, so full of life and action. With your natural gift for writing and your obvious gift for photography perhaps you ought to be thinking of a career change? any way keep up the good work, looking forward to many more such entries.
    Take care GD

  3. Little Bro posted 20hrs, 20min, 29sec after the entry and said:

    First Vid:
    2:34, nice catch ROFL
    Nice shot at 4:43 as well. Good freezeframe. Looks a little like a Lightsaber smiley icon: joke
    Would of been funny if Ben had got hit by the frizbee in the last couple of seconds lol smiley icon: joke (No offence Ben)

    I know what the end of the era is like. One exam to go smiley icon: laugh
    Then I leave school for good smiley icon: laugh

    I've not been knowing what the dates are latley either lol.

    Now to get some filmaking of my own done smiley icon: laugh

  4. Ben posted 22hrs, 9min, 44sec after the entry and said:

    Ha Jimy your GD got a point there, we should setup our own photography bussiness ! That would be awesome ! smiley icon: laugh

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 22hrs, 41min, 9sec after the entry and said:

    Aww, cheers everyone smiley icon: smile

    I have to point out that most of these shots are by Ben, as I was too busy relaxing and messing about to take many photos. Ben has a way of capturing people moments that I envy (of course dude, you also take flippin' hundreds of shots!).

    As for the writing and photography, thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure it's deserved! I think they are best kept as free-time activities for the foreseeable future. smiley icon: wink

    Enjoy it while it's there Thomas. It's all good fun, but everything you do only comes around once. Best to enjoy it while you're in it. And yes, even the rubbish bits are worth making the most of. smiley icon: smile

  6. Ben posted 23hrs, 50min, 4sec after the entry and said:

    Hey dude, cheers smiley icon: smile, but only about half of em are! You have marked anyways who did what so its all good smiley icon: smile Still though, setting up our own bussiness ! Me likes the idea of that smiley icon: laugh hehe

    Yeah Thomas lifes short, you'll find between leaving school and finishing uni, life flys by, enjoy every moment ! Much recommend you head down to cornwall with some of your mates in a couple of years or so, has to be done, its a Tean tradition ! lol

  7. Little Bro posted 1 days, 0hrs, 9mins after the entry and said:

    Lol Ben, I'll try to XD.

    And Matthew, Leave a comment on my website :'(

    you're the only one that ever did XD

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