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Alton Towers

an image of Alton Towers Group photo. Left to Right: Me, Vickie, Laura, Matt


  1. MWF posted 13hrs, 32min, 48sec after the entry and said:

    You know there were subtle suggestions about Matts homosexuality everywhere, that fact he’s shown here blocking out his girlfriends face isn’t one of them.

    Try not to focus on it Jimi but Vickie looks kinda hot there.

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 13hrs, 50min, 5sec after the entry and said:

    Laura was not his girlfriend, but I can see where you’re coming from!

    Vickie was kinda hot. smiley icon: joke

  3. Matthew J. Ward posted 2 days, 20hrs, 49mins after the entry and said:

    Thats kinda freaky i just tried to post, but nothing has appeared. Attempt No.2.

    I know that Laura, it Laura Williams correct? I used to work with her mum at Leek College. She came to work with us for a couple of summers!! Small world! Here’s some info on her mum, if anyones interested! smiley icon: smile http://www.leek.ac.uk/about/people/bwilliams.htm

  4. MWF posted 3 days, 18hrs, 29mins after the entry and said:

    Lauras mum looks kinda hot in those leather trousers. Although I am a little preconcerned with Matts casual of hand information on random peoples parents.

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 10 days, 14hrs, 34mins after the entry and said:

    Dammit! Looks like I didn’t eliminate the ‘comment stored without an ImageID’ bug after all. I’ll look into it again when I’m home.

    It is indeed a small world, and that is indeed Laura Williams. Lived opposite Maria Croft and co not too long ago.

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