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Memories are for always

I’m having a new wardrobe and set of drawers next weekend, so today I’ve been clearing a lot of junk out of my room and moving things around. Whilst I was doing that I came across my ‘Vickie box’, which contains all sorts of things related to when we were going out. It was covered with dust as i took it down from the shelf, buried underneath various junk. I dusted it off, I sat down on the floor, I looked at the box for a while, then opened it up…

I took a trip down memory lane, finding the box full of odd things that dislodged forgotten memories from five or six years ago. Christmas cards, written down text messages, a stuffed cow (brought back from switzerland), a boot lace, wrapping paper, jewlery carrier bags, the chocolates she got me on Valentines day (yes - eww, but un-opened), my pen knife (enscribed with ‘Vic’s bloke’) and a few other things. I also found some photographs, which I’m putting on the net as something of a minor keepsake. Plus it’s funny seeing how I looked back then. smiley icon: laugh
There was one thing that I found which struck me much more than anything else. It was an envolope addressed to me, and inside was a simple sheet of paper with five words on it.

Memories are for Always


Sellotaped to the paper were two petals from the rose I gave her on Valentines Day. We had split up very shortly after that. Sending me that message, in that way, was one of the most kind and thoughtful things I think I’ve ever experienced, and seeing it brought a strange knot of emotions. Now I can look back and feel happy as well as sad at the memories it brought back into focus.
I’m binning the Vickie box, it’s no longer needed, but one thing I’ll be keeping. Because despite it being a window to the past, it’s also a signpost to the future.


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  1. MWF posted 13hrs, 9min, 55sec after the entry and said:

    SO THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS, moping around feeling sorry for yourself. You need to stop your fascination with Vickies dusty old box.

    But more importantly how big is your room and how big is this ‘Vickie Box’ you speak of, I only ask because you claim it contained a stuffed cow of Swiss origin. That certainly is a odd love present to hang on to, nothing says I love you like some tender cuts of beef, but nobody wants the wrapper it comes in aswell. Oh well, does it have horns? Maybe you could stick them on your vette when you get it.

    Oh and the Valentines gift, a moving farewell or a cheap effort to flare up your hay feaver?

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 13hrs, 34min, 17sec after the entry and said:

    ROFL! Dude, pick up a phone and call me, I’ll be out. Ain’t no moping going on, you should know that! smiley icon: joke

    The cow has been living in the box, existing on the chocolates. It now produces choco-milk right from the udder. It does in fact have horns.


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