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2005... looking good!

Hi all, I thought it was about time I updated the Blog.
Event wise not a lot has gone on recently, apart from a trip to the pub with Chris and Dawson last night. That was nice, though toward the end of the evening Chris pointed out that I appear to be swearing a lot. Thinking about it, he’s right, so I’m toning that down as fast as I can. I can only assume it’s something to do with my newly ramped up self-confidence, because I don’t swear much as a rule, it’s not normally needed. Joey has just pointed out (jokingly) that it’s possibly Tourettes Disorder (I’m chatting as well as doing the blog, how’s that for multitasking?!).
Talking of self confidence, I’m attributing a large part of mine to reading that NLP book (see previous entry smiley icon: joke ). It’ll be fun getting to grips with it properly, at the moment I’ve done nothing more than read and understand. I’ve yet to actually do anything. I’m also pretty chuffed because I’ve put some weight on for the first time that I can remember. I now way a whopping 54Kg, up from 51kg. My target for the year is to be a ‘healthy weight’, as soon as I look it up and figure out what that is. I’m also joining the guys from work on their ’stay healthy’ run next week. I was thinking of starting swimming, but then decided I’d better think about it before I go mad and start something I’ll give up in a week. smiley icon: laugh

I have just asked Joey via MSN what I ought to write as my next scentence (I was running out of anything to say). I apologise in advance for Joey’s comment, I can guess it won’t be particularly family orientated… Joey thinks I should say: “I have now named my wang”. So now we all know that Joey has named her wang.

OK, i’m out of things to say and too tired to think of anything else…
Night night. smiley icon: sleep


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  1. Olly posted 1 days, 11hrs, 23mins after the entry and said:

    Jimmy, i can oficially congratulate you on weighing less than half my weight! although you are only half a kilo from leaving that prestigious club

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 12hrs, 59mins after the entry and said:

    Wayhey! I hope you don’t mind if I part from such an illustrious position though.

  3. MWF posted 1 days, 13hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    You have to laugh at the new years attitude most people suffer this time of year. I have to snigger at the ironically titled ‘Stay Healthy Run’ title, may I suggest an alternative title such as ‘Stay Unhealthy And Run Once A Year Then Give Up Run’? I shouldn’t mock tho as could be found yesterday hanging like a twitching sack of useless fat and bones from my chin up bar. My only saving grace is that I started working out before the new year therefore I excused from the mocking and get to play mockee, ok it’s weak excuse but I intend to clutch onto it till my little fists sweat much alike being on that damn chin up bar.

    The fact is in winter you feel fat and unfit and in summer you feel if you’d spent your winter excersizing you’d look a damn site better.

    On a different note my mum suffers what I have diagnosed as ‘Smut Tourettes’ which causes her to burst out embarrassing sexual comments when it is most inconvinient.

  4. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 14hrs, 43mins after the entry and said:

    It is most unfortunate that my current attitude has coincided with the new year.

    I think the ’stay healthy’ thing ought to be the ‘get healthy’ thing in reality however, as I can barely do 15 press ups anymore, Tim can barely run the block, and Carl and ‘little’ Rich aren’t doing anything at all apart from avoiding eye contact when a ‘run’ is mentioned. smiley icon: laugh

  5. Olly posted 3 days, 19hrs, 45mins after the entry and said:

    you gotta love you mums smut tourettes though dude!

  6. Matt Wilcox posted 3 days, 19hrs, 49mins after the entry and said:

    Chris’s mum is getting quite a reputation.

  7. MWF posted 4 days, 18hrs, 50mins after the entry and said:

    I would like to announce my past few meals have consisted of vegetable and chicken stir fry and vegetable soup.

  8. Joey posted 4 days, 18hrs, 55mins after the entry and said:

    I can verify the above statement, and have to say although I turned my nose up at the stir fry, I managed to clean up all Chris’ leftovers and might actually choose to have stir fry in the future.

    I’ve started going to Kick Aerobics every week too, which is great fun - nothing to do with New Year, I just went along last week with Sally as she’s always saying how good it is, and now I’m hooked and can’t stop randomly punching/kicking, it’s really good.

    As an endnote, Chris’ Mum is lovely, and the “smut tourette’s” is something I frequently find myself suffering from too.

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