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It's really 2005 already?

I just wrote an entire entry and then lost it because I accidentally browsed in the same tab I was writing the entry in. smiley icon: cry I’ll see how much I can remember…

I was wondering how to start the entry when I looked out the window to think about it and noticed a guy in a blue coat out in the field with a metal detector. I spotted him a few fields further back an hour or two ago, looks like he’s not found anything amazing yet.

Yesterday morning I decided that being six months overdue for an eye-test was proberbly too long, especially as I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen (it’s my job). So I phoned up Vision Express and booked an afternoon appointment, which I then completely forgot about and ended up being late for. Fortunately I got a later slot, but then had a couple of hours to kill in the shopping center. I managed to not buy random things, though the newly soft back edition of New Spring was tempting. Burton sadly had no cool clothing on offer, so I got to save money there too.
While I was in Hanley I met Mike, which is the first time I’ve spoken to him in a few weeks. We’re off to the pub on Monday, which will be cool.
After the eye test I booked a contact lens consultation. I didn’t realise they were seperate things, and it would have been nice if I had been asked if I was interested in contacts when I rang initially. Instead I’m going back next weekend. Oh well.
I also went to Halfords so they could have a look at my cars front right tyre, which has had a slow puncture for the last week or two. They couldn’t fit me in, so I’m whipping the wheel off later today and putting the spare on. I’ll have to go back next weekend to find out if they can do anything with it.

A week or so ago I was chatting with a guy called Ad on MSN, and during the conversation he suggested I read up on something called NLP. After our chat and reading what the wikipedia has to say on the subject I ordered two books from Amazon. Turns out to be very interesting. I’m reading through both books to familiarise myself with the field before re-reading them and trying out the techniques. I’ve always liked this sort of thinking about things, and to discover that there are well documented guides and theories is fascinating. I can see that it may take some considerable time before the NLP strategy is embedded in ‘unconscious competence’, but getting it there will be fun! smiley icon: happy

Yesterday I suddenly got added to a load of 4UMers MSNs, which was cool. *waves to Connie, Clair, Rocky, Pea, Mikey, Emcic, Fala and everyone* I missed the big forum MSN get-together with everyone else, but there’s always tonight. I’m wondering if I’ll suddenly get an avalanche of Skype contacts too. smiley icon: smile

Oh! I almost forgot to say, last Monday (or Tuesday, I can’t remember now) Chris, Joey and myself went to Charlie Bassets for a drink, and Daws and James joined us. First time I’ve met James in real life, he seemed quite cool, and definately had a kick ass digital SLR! smiley icon: laugh I’d link to the shots he took, but I can’t find them on either Jame’s website nor Dawson’s.


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  1. annina posted 3 days, 1hrs, 25mins after the entry and said:

    hey matt just came along your site and wanted to say, wow it looks nice!!
    smiley icon: laugh
    have a good one

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 3 days, 4hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    Thanks Annina smiley icon: smile

  3. Peter posted 5 days, 0hrs, 30mins after the entry and said:

    Goatboy was here.

    Nice site. smiley icon: smile

  4. daniel posted 5 days, 0hrs, 49mins after the entry and said:

    As I said man: really nice new design… butterflies and all.

  5. MWF posted 6 days, 21hrs, 11mins after the entry and said:

    Wow you are employed to spend most of your time infront of a computer screen. An easy job but perhaps and unrewarding one.

  6. Matt Wilcox posted 6 days, 21hrs, 57mins after the entry and said:

    Yeah! But I sit in front of three computer screens, so it’s three times harder than you’d expect!

  7. Matt Wilcox posted 6 days, 21hrs, 58mins after the entry and said:

    Cheers Peter and Daniel smiley icon: smile

  8. MWF posted 10 days, 2hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    You should attack flouresent lamps to them and get a tan. Are you allowed to only wear speedos?

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