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from carmel to halloween24

an image of from carmel to halloween24 coffee with 15 sugars


  1. Matthew Wilcox posted 4 days, 12hrs, 23mins after the entry and said:

    Here the Sugar Mountain had already sunk to the bottom of the Sea of Coffee.

    Dawson likes his coffee to be 5% coffee, 15% alcohol, 30% water and 50% sugar.

  2. Dawson posted 7 days, 1hrs, 26mins after the entry and said:

    …although the 30% water can be substiuted into the sugar category - more crunchy, but just as dentist inducing…mmm!The one thing that im worried about is that Im smiling at my coffee! Why!?

  3. Matthew Wilcox posted 15 days, 19hrs, 0mins after the entry and said:

    Don’t ask me - i have no idea. But coffee is nice, so maybe it’s a simple reaction to the anticipation of drinking it?

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