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From Carmel To Halloween

Tues 22nd Oct Saw Carmel hit the age of 19! Ben had half organised a surprise gathering at the Isaac Walton, so for 8:30pm we were all sat inside the pub waiting for Ben to bring Carmel. Presents were laid out and a round bought before she walked in and we got to embarrass her with a tremendously off key rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. smiley icon: smile After that it was a few hours of drinking beer and Sambucca (not for me, i was driving) and listening to Laura B freak us out with details of what her job invloves. I went back home to get my camera as i’d rather stupidly forgotten it, then came back and took some pictures! smiley icon: smile We waited until nearly 11pm when Emma arrived (having been working till then) and then we had to go as it was last orders. Most people went home as they had work and such the day after, but Daws, Emma, Mike and myself instead went to Hollington Level just to chill out a bit. We ascertained that Emma’s stereo is damned good for a factory fit car, and that her choice of music was what me and Mike avoid when clubbing.

Fri 25th Oct Saw John planning to make a surprise return home for Carmel! After a lot of phoning various people John made it back with Carmel none the wiser. Carmel was out up Creation though, so John dragged me up there after having sworn to myself i’d get an early night, and i in turn dragged Mike up there. Mike however was not wearing smart enough trousers and we failed to get in. We left John there to find Carmel, and i hear they had a very good night! Mike and myself were fairly gutted and instead ended up going back to the D&P, only everyone had gone to Oakamoor, then people left before Emma and Dawson or Mike and myself got there. So the four of us came home instead.

In the last week there have been many many late nights around Dawson’s, but more recently around mine. Parents are on holiday, which is nice. I have also quit Iceland in favour of a job at Game. Today is of course Haloween, and we’ve had a semi-spontaneous party thing involving minor dressing up and a meal at the D&P, followed by coming back and watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit as Emma hadn’t seen it before. And now my black nail varnish is stuck on. :lol

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