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OK, so last night was yet another late night in a list of many stretching back to the dawn of time. Which may have been two weeks ago, my brain is no longer functioning sufficiently to distinguish one day from another. Last night was a 3:40am return to home after a night at the D&P and Dawson’s. It was fun, but i hereby swear that on my next encounter with Emma i will NOT take the micky out of her. So do i swear. *is all solomn* On a side note i want Dawson’s cat. The thing is incredibly laid back, and it’s just nice and fluffy. It seems to have some mind control though, because it just curls up and goes to sleep on you, and you find yourself thinking ’sleeep. SLEEEEEEEP’. So yeah, i got up about 11am, which is BAD. I was having a really bad dream, possibly linked to watching Mike and Dawson play Eternal Darkness too much on the GameCube. All i remember was some alien thing was running about killing people in this huuuuge underground complex. Somebody was in the process of turning into an alien, as it was just bursting out of them, their arms dropping off as their DNA got re-written. Then i got squashed. Anyway, i got up and i -still- have the headache i awoke with. I am also -still- avoiding doing any uni work. I really should do some, but it’s so mundane and our course is soooo disorganised that it saps the desire to do anything right out of you. I have 12 illustrations in a program i’ve never used before to do. Packaging to design, a 10min presentation about Branding to research and write, and a report about a project i’ve not done yet to be in on wednesday. The project being (and i quote) “build a “venue” where people about to embark on using Digital Video inside an interactive can go to get advice”. Riiiight. There are paragraphs of that. Makes sense to no one.
It’s raining outside, the sky is grey and dank, and i am not a happy bunny. Tonight it’s my little brothers sleep over, so the house will be swarming with 10yr old kids shouting and being annoying. I’ve had precisely one bowl of cornflakes with hot milk, and one pack of crisps to eat all day, and am informed tea will not be until 7:30pm and will consist of a hot dog. I sooo just want to go to sleep and wake up starting the day over again.

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