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There IS a God!

OK, as per usual we have the ‘bring you up to speed’ bit at the start of the diary entry, because i’m busy and lazy, and the combination of the two means i never update my diary every day. Sorry!

Saturday 9th i worked a full day at Game, which turned out to be quite good after i got over the ‘i don’t want to push a sale’ thing. Now i’m comfortable waltzing on over to people and shoving details of our latest deals down their ears until they submit and purchase a PS2 or GameCube. I tell you, fear me if you should enter the store while i’m working. You -will- part with money. Saturday night has evaporated from my memory. Either that was a night where we did nothing, or it was so incredibly good my brain just overloaded and fried. Again.

Sunday 10th was my little brothers 12th birthday! I saw not a lot of it because i was at work again. He had a good time anyway, which is what counts. He got StarWars EpII on Game Boy Advance. He loves it. No surprise there then! smiley icon: smile

Monday 11th will go down in the history books as the day when expectations were surpassed so much they were shattered, when the ‘yoof’ of Tean rose up and cast down the stereotypes and bigotries the Old Ones pin to us with the large pins of ignorance and melancholia. Indeed, that day was like the coming of Jesus in significance. For it came to pass that our team did whup ASS at The Ship Pub Quiz. Dawson, Emma, Mike G, Jo, and myself did rack up an astonishing 54 points - in the final round!. Our grand total was 87!! We came second by ONE POINT! We did feast upon our prizes! £10 and 12 bags of Malteasers! Of course there was a reason for our swift rise up the quize table (from average last to second)…the quiz had recent music questions and computing abbreviations as topics! With two hardened geeks who happen to also be two dance crazy music heads, and a further three music lovers - how could we have screwed up?!

Last night we went to the D&P (surprise!) and Dawson’s, where Max the cat sauntered over and went to sleep on me. Today i spent £351 on Uni fees. smiley icon: sad

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