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Well, after last week’s incredible result at the pub quiz, this week was a glorious return to form in that we sank back down the scoreboard with authority and aplomb. It was like someone had cut our legs from under us with a giant laser, or maybe just performed a full frontal lobotomy on us all. Oh well!
Yet again this week has consisted of too many late nights, mostly around Dawson’s. I am happy to report i am slowly managing to steal Max the cat from Dawson. I am now the preferred person onto which he will leap.*
Last night saw Mike and myself going out fairly early and deciding to go for a drive as something to do. We meandered our way to Alton via the Fog of Death, Doom and Destruction. Seriously, the fog that has been lingering for the last two or three days seemed to have all congealed around on little hill top. It was like driving into a wall of mist from which there could be no return. It was thicker than thick crust bread. Having been to Alton we decided to try and find Butterton, but went utterly wrong and ended up in Leek.
Of course there was logic in that we were trying to remember how our college bus used to get to Leek, but that was years ago. Anyway, we found a new way home via Cheadleton and had some coffee at Mikes before Ben turned up. We then all set off in my car and managed to find Butterton, having learned from our mistake of a few hours earlier. We all had a quick round of Murphy’s (half’s all round) before burning back home through more fog in order to get to the D&P by 10:45. We had a few drinks, the obligatory toblerone and then headed to Dawson’s to watch Red Dwarf Episodes 1&2 on DVD. Classic British sci-fi comedy. Low budget and low brow. Ya don’t get better! smiley icon: wink
Emma left us early due to the need to type up 1950 words of essay, later on we departed, i set off my car alarm by forgetting that i’d armed it. Sorry Dawson’s neighbours!
Why Grrr?? Because today i had to format my PC, and after 10months of believing WinXP would not run, i got it to run by swapping my DVD and CD ports around. GRRR!!
*proved in recent testing

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