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Over and Out

Again, i’m writing this all up sometime after the actual day, and i can not for the life of me remember what i did on Friday day itself. Well, i do remember getting highly irritated with my phone line, which is becoming very poor. 80% of the time i try and go on the net there is a lot of noise on the line and i can’t connect. When i do it’s at 19,200bps, which is useless, and then it just drops the connection. I phoned BT to try and get it sorted and they say they’re sending an engineer Dec 3rd. Grr! >:( Anyway, tonight saw two ‘long expected parties’ (those of you who know LOTR will see the link there). It was tonight that John returned from the RAF having ‘Passed Out’, which i am informed is not getting drunk into unconsciousness, but rather passing all your training tests and exams and being assigned to an RAF station. So it was big congratulations to John tonight! Also tonight was the Dog and Partridge party as the owners were selling up and handing the reigns over to new owners. First off Matt, Kath and myself went over to The Manor where Johns party was being held. We were told John would get there for about 9:30-10, so we had a drink and waited. We gave up after 10:15 and decided to move out to the D&P and return to John later, on our way out we saw him pull up in the car park. Anywyay, we ended up at the D&P and sat down with Becky and Dawson and had another drink. Ben was serving and doing a half decent job of it (he’s new at it). It was incredibly busy, poor Emma seemed run off her feet (she was also serving). The buffet was very nice, i helped myself to some sausage rolls while marvelling at the incredibly nice job Becky had made of laying out the plates! Wow, that was some seriously good plate stacking and laying out Becky! smiley icon: wink smiley icon: smile
Later we went back to the Manor where i was dragged onto the dance floor by Carmel in order to make a fool of myself. It was fun! We discovered that John was very merry and at about 1am we returned to the D&P. Emma finished work at about 3:30 and we all left. I got to bed at 4am-ish. Zzz

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