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winter is here

Well, winter is here. It’s cold, it’s dark and i feel constantly tired. Yay for the British winter. It doesn’t even have the decency to snow. Or really rain. It’s constant gloom with weather that’s twiddling it’s thumbs undecided. We get drizzle, we get wind. How festive. *clobbers the weather with a great big stick* The only consistent thing weather-wise is the incredible mist and fog over the last week or two. Almost every night there has been fog so thick that visibility can drop to about 8 meters. smiley icon: sad
Anyway, last Sunday Dan Myatt was back visiting his parents so we decided to go watch the new Bond film (Die Another Day). In the end Dawson, Mike G, Emma, Kath and Matt, Dan and myself went to see it. We took Matt and Dans cars as, to quote Dan, ‘they’re a bit more Bond than your Fiesta’. True, and that Peugot 106 moves way faster than mine considering they’re both 1.1L. Aaaanyway…having driven to Warner Village to find it full we drove back to Odeon and got in there. Turned out the film was a bit of a disappointment. It’s good, but it isn’t really Bond. Political correctness is killing him. Plus some of the effects were just comedic, and there was no need to the ‘bullet time’ type of shots. Bond has lost his style i’m afraid. smiley icon: sad
The quiz on Monday saw us split into two groups as we couldn’t all fit around the table. Mike, Sarah Write and myself formed our own team and thus lost. However we were beaten by only 10 points, which considering the discrepancy between our team numbers and theirs, was really good.
Dawson started work at GAP on Sunday if memory serves correctly and is already taking advantage of that staff discount! smiley icon: wink We trust he’ll do great there!
Last night Matt and Kath, Dawson, Emma, Mike G and myself went to Weaver Hill as it was actually a -clear- night. The night time sight-seeing was scuppered by the fact it was incredibly cold and windy though, so we all stayed in our cars (mine and Matts) and talked and listened to music instead. Mike G had some coffee and baileys which managed to get tipped over my car! *frowns at Emma* smiley icon: wink Nice night out, something different. smiley icon: smile

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