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university deadlines approach

Yet again it’s another delayed diary entry. My university assignment deadlines are fast approaching so i’ve been very very busy over the last week or two. Added to the deadline problems my partner for a presentation i have to do is off Uni and sat at home on sick leave. *stress* That presentation is for this Thursday…wish me luck! smiley icon: sad

At some point in the last few days Emma, Dawson, Mike and myself went for a small drive around and found ourselves outside the JCB plant in Roster. A large gathering of ducks and swans swam over to honk at us as we arrived at 11pm. Emma soon scared them off! smiley icon: wink About 1am we were asked to leave sitting in our car by a JCB employee or get wheel clamped. Odd seeing as we were in a designated parking space, being quiet, just talking and there were no notices giving parking restrictions that we could see. We left anyway. >:-(
Thankfully i have tomorrow off work and uni, meaning i can hopefully get a fair amount of work done on a couple of projects for uni. That will ease my stress levels! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile Other than that i can’t say that a lot has happened really. I got my hair cut finally, which is a Good Thing. I’ve started my Christmas shopping. I’ve even updated the Welcome page on this site so it’s got a new layout and new functionality (it updates itself now). Tonight is the pub quiz, so it’s off to waste another £10+ and argue with the quiz master. Good old Barry knows all about Bow saws and Star Wars. He’s never wrong you know! smiley icon: wink
aaanyway, that will be Emma outside waiting to give me a lift…see ya later!
OK - it was Emma. After waiting 5min at Dawsons so he could do his hair we waited 10min outside Mikes then went the quiz. Barry was late by 20min. John, Carmel, Mike and Laura B all turned up as they had time off uni/RAF, which was cool! smiley icon: smile Ben turned up and went straight away, which is confusing. I lost my phone, but i now think it’s in the back of Emma’s car. I hope so anyway or else it’s at the pub. smiley icon: sad
It’s now tuesday morning, i’m awake early, i have a presentation to prepare and a shower to be having. Seeya!

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