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Snow Snow Snow

Today it SNOWED!! smiley icon: smile Yes indeedy! The first snow of this winter was seen today! Tiny little flakes, and only about 20min of it too, but it was SNOW! Yay! *glee*
Today was the day of The Presentation. The only real mis-hap being getting not only the wrong room, but the wrong area of campus entirely. A9, the room the presentation was in, is not a room in the Ashley building, but in fact is the other side of campus in Cadman building. I like how Staffs uni has a consistent naming policy for the rooms. >:-(
Anyway, having found the room i ran back to the Mellor building which i’d passed on the way, because i’d spotted some people who were ment to be doing the presentation too but also clearly had no idea where A9 was. We all got back and i was the first up. It went OK i feel, the blonde lecturer seemingly impressed with content and delivery, even though mid way through nerves struck and i started shaking a little. Seconds later i’d mastered the fear and was rattling off IEEE 1394 protocol brands with ease!
Everyone else seemed to take too long, bar Xanthe and Andy Bate, who were incredibly organised and well presented. Everyone else seemed to waffle about anything without really getting to any point. That bodes well for me! smiley icon: smile
Tonight Emma, Dawson and myself went late night shopping in Hanley. Emma kindly drove us there. Thanks Emma. Shopping wasn’t entirely successful, in that i bought nothing other than a bottle of coke and some sweets. We saw Ben in WH Smith, clearly working hard while Emma shopped for books. Soon after we saw Mike in Game and harassed him (not really). Other than that the only purchases i think were a top for Emma and NightFire for Dawson and his GameCube. Suffice to saw Dawson was like a small child with a new toy and was clearly anxious to get home and play. We left with Mike and having picked up a McDonalds went to Emma’s house to eat. Having taken the three day journey from her front door to the kitchen we ate and confused Barney the dog by playing ball. :lol
After that we left so Daws and Mike could play NightFire at Dawson’s house and Emma left us to pick up her parents and sister from the D&P. 2am we went home.

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