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Creation to the Hogs Head

Well, a reasonable amount has happened in the last few days. Last Friday (13th) i was dragged out to Creation by Matt, my sister and Emma Cook. Turned out to be quite a good night, although very short. DJ Sammy was live, which was a surprise as she can sing! We all went early because of work the following day. Wednesday (18th) was of course the opening of Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. A film i’d been waiting for for years. Dawson and myself went to see it at 3pm, it ROCKS! It is, of course, getting rave reviews everywhere. The only thing i didn’t like about it was the plot change they had to make with Faramire. Otherwise it’s a masterpiece. smiley icon: smile Friday (20th) Mike and myself went to see it, and it’s better second time around. Those orcs are scary! smiley icon: wink
All of which brings us up to today! This morning was marked off for the last of my Christmas shopping, but Dawson overslept a little making us a bit late, then we got to Fenton and he realised he’d left his wallet at home, so we went back. By the time we got to Hanley it was time for me to start work. Ahh well!
Work dragged as it was fairly busy again and Mike was in an unusually good mood, seeing as we were at work. Half way through Lee Tunstal turned up and asked where i was last night as it had been the Iceland Christmas meal. Stupidly enough i had got home from LOTR and fallen asleep, thus missing the meal. DOH!
Anyway, we caught up on events and then it was back to work. Tonight was the Game staff outing, and after a little jumping around i managed to persuade Sarah to come out with us all too. Turned out to be quite a good night, though it would have been much better if i wasn’t driving, because then i could drink. Mark got totally drunk in under 40min on 5 Black Ice’s and 2pints of some weird orange and spirit concotion. He left half way through with his other half. Lucy also had to leave 9pm, leaving John (our boss), Mike, Sarah and myself until the other Game store’s staff got there. Mark and John very kindly got everyone their drinks, i’m sure their wallets are hurting about as much as their heads right now. 11pm Sarah, Mike and myself went home due to an expiring parking ticket. Good night! smiley icon: smile

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