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Christmas Time

It may not feel like Christmas due to the rubbish overcast weather and the fact i’ve been working right up until today, but it is in fact Christmas! Yay! smiley icon: smile *dances*
Yesterday at work was stupidly hectic, and last night was almost as hectic, involving wrapping the last two presents to give out and then heading out to the pubs to hand out said presents and wish people a merry christmas. Matt and Kath accompanied me to the Cross Keys, where we sat about and waited for people. It was stupidly busy early on and i left to pick up Mike, who was busy talking to Sarah while both on Neocron.
We made it to the pub, by which time loads of other people had appeared too. It turns out Matt Ward had exactly the same idea as me for presents, he got me a thinkgeek T-shirt! I had made people T-shirts of my own design as presents too! lol!
Having had a drink and chatted to Ben, Mike H, Tara, Laura F, and others we left to go to The Ship to drop off presents and cards for John and Carm. That done we razzed off to The D&P as Emma was working, picking up Dawson on the way. Again presents were exchanged, though it took AGES to persuade Emma to open her’s. Becky refused, as did Dawson - on the grounds of waiting until Christmas day itself. Grr! smiley icon: joke
After that Kath and myself left to go to midnight mass, then went to bed. The morning revield that santa had indeed been! smiley icon: wink For the first year ever our presents were not opened at the same time, Thomas was allowed to open them before Kath or myself got up! He got a GameCube, and i got a GameBoy Advance! YAY! I feel like a kid again! smiley icon: smile Kath got cloths and such. So i’ve spent today reminising about old Super Nintendo games and playing Metroid Fusion. It rocks! Can’t wait for Zelda: Link to the Past to come out! I -loved- that on my old SNES! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile
Of course i have only today and tomorrow off, then it’s back to work, where i expect it to be stupidly busy. Oh i am -so- looking forward to it. *cough*
Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone! smiley icon: smile I’m off to play some more Metroid!

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