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2002 In Review

So, another year is at an end, gone far too fast. There’s something kind of unsettling realising that the older i get, the faster the years seem to appear and disappear. Eek!
So - what’s 2002 going to go down as in my book? Will it be another 1999 - amazingly good, the best in my life, or will it be another 2000/2001 - utterly pants with no real redeeming features.
Surprisingly a -huge- amount has happened this year, and even more surprising is it’s actually been a pretty damn good year, on the whole. smiley icon: smile
To start with let me point out that until Friday 18th January, i had never been clubbing! Yes, 2002 was the year i discovered Dance as it’s ment to be heard - loud, long, and with lots of other people! From Creation to Progress and back, 2002 has been the year of Dance!
John’s family bought The Manor this year, and there was a disco in celebration of opening.
Mike F passed his driving test and we all went for a crooz in celebration, arsing about and having a good laugh.
John hit 20 and we all went to skegness to mark the occasion, it was great! smiley icon: smile
Vickie got a job as a Primary school teacher this year, she’s now moved to Oxfordshire. smiley icon: sad
Some fool drove into the side of my car, i’m still waiting for my £250 back from my insurance company.
We all visited stanton and discovered Weaver Hill this year, where much hanging out has occured!
Summer Holiday this year saw lots of fun in Cornwall, though Mike and Matt couldn’t attend. smiley icon: sad
I left Iceland, my place of work for three years, and started at Game.
Kath and Matt became an item
There was the Lucy fiasco, which is not chronicled here.
John joined the RAF and many people left to go to university
Of course, lots more has happened, but as a summery, this will do! smiley icon: joke
Defining Album of 2002: Extreme Euphoria
Overall Rating for 2002: Pretty Damn Funky smiley icon: smile

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