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Hello 2003

New Years Eve this years turned out to be a lot less depressing than it usually is, which is nice! smiley icon: smile
John and Mike F were working at The Manor, but as it was £15 entry fee we decided to give that a miss and instead usher in 2003 from the renowned and esteemed venue that is The Dog and Partridge! smiley icon: smile
Unfortunately Emma was working behind the bar, so it wasn’t as much fun as it otherwise would have been, but Mike G, Ben, Becky, Daws, Jo, Matt and Kath, and myself did our best regardless. Again i am close to broke, and so i managed to go the night without buying anything, which fills me with guilt, but until i get my car fixed i’m on a very very tight (read non-existent) budget.
We all sat by the bar and had a good laugh, highlights of comedy being how Matt managed to pull the barman, and Ben discovering the Guinness we’d got him also contained a slice of Lemon, some J2O and possibly some coke. Mmm, tasty! smiley icon: wink
As no one appeared to want to count down to the new year Matt took it upon himself to do so, his ten second countdown igniting the pub to much shouting, whistling, banging of bangers and general noise. We discovered Dawson can play tunes on a simple party hooter, and is also capable of bursting ear drums with his 500dB whistle. Getting pictures of Becky is actually harder than getting pictures of Emma, but i managed to get two or three good ones, so be sure to take a look and leave nice comments! smiley icon: joke
After a little while we moved into the conservatory, where a disco was taking place. Of course, as soon as we got in there the DJ cut the dance music and started to wind it down. Which sucked. Matt, Kath, Mike and myself left about 2am, leaving the others to party (and work). I assume Ben got a lift back with Emma as he was drunk and chatting to some woman when we left and refused to leave with us! Good luck mate! smiley icon: wink
Having moved out of the pub everyone got phone signal again and there was loads of beeping as we got to the cars. Mike got a couple of very nice messages to usher in 2003! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile I will say no more here. smiley icon: smile
Anyway, that concluded our night out! Take a look at the photos, and everyone have a Happy New Year! smiley icon: smile

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