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first entry of 2003

Hello again! smiley icon: smile
Well, it’s been 2003 for a whole ten days now, and there’s not an awful lot to tell you really. It got very cold finally, and there was snow on two seperate occasions, though not enough to cover the ground here. We’ve been out to the pub a couple of times. Last Monday (6th) Mike and myself (accompanied by Emma, Becky, and Dawson) went to Tesco after the pub quiz (yep - 11:30pm) to get his new TV. A reasonable 21″ Aiwa TV for £120, or there about. Getting it into the car was fun as it required dropping the rear seats forward, unhooking the parcel shelf with my JBL’s attached, and cramming it in. There was just enough space for Dawson to sit in the back. Emma and Becky went home right away, because they’re lame! smiley icon: joke (not really, they had a visiting sister to see), while us three lads went to Dawson’s. There we chilled and such before finally going home.
I nearly forgot (shock!) but at somepoint we finally managed to go see LOTR:TTT at the Odeon, Emma and Jo definitely appreciate Orlando Bloom, if not the story so much. We lads just love the story and the Ents tossing Orcs about. Top stuff. smiley icon: smile
Other than that i think the only other thing we’ve done was going for a random drive about last night, starting at 10pm (because we’re all so dis-organised). Matt and Kath in one car, Daws and Em in Em’s and Mike and myself in mine. Mike and I were enjoying some pumping Lisa Lashes of course, and after a stop off at Tesco Emma led the way into god knows where. May i point out Emma that my Fiesta is not an off road vehicle! After that i decided to take the lead and frankly got myself (and everyone else) lost in some crazy country lanes. We found home in the end!
Today i decided to try getting my last bit of uni work done, but i have no interest in it whatsoever and thus can not seem to actually progress with it. Instead i’ve done about 20min work on it and then started on coding this website again. *sigh*
Anyway, i think i’m going to go to Mike’s now and watch Dune. Then go the pub.

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