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stupid uni work

Well, not a lot has happened since the last update apart from my job at Game finishing (Christmas Temp job, finished on the Saturday). Emma got a hair cut (it’s really nice), Dawson got a hair cut (it’s really nice), Kath got a hair cut (it’s really ni…you get the idea). I feel the need for a hair-cut too now.
Today my car has gone into the garage because:

  • The gears/engine mountings are broken
  • The left headlight is out
  • The tracking is out
  • The battery or Alternator is broken
  • The exhaust may be loose at the back

As such I expect to part with significant amounts of money again today or tomorrow. And with me jobless, this is a Bad Thing. smiley icon: sad

Today i am again managing to put off working on my Uni assignment that must be handed in this friday, on which i have done a mere hour of work. It bores me, i have no motivation for it, it’s Flash and i hate Flash with a passion. smiley icon: frown smiley icon: sad Instead i want to be coding more on this site. I have done the registration page for the Discussion section, it works and everything. It’s just once you’ve registered and activated your account there’s nothing else yet. I am working on JavaScript tooltips too.
I just want to finally get this website finished. It’s been in development over a year, and i want to start using my free time to do art and music again. I ache to be creative, yet know i can’t draw to save my life, so i need to practice. GRR!! It’s so frustrating going to all these art forums and galleries on the net, marvelling at the work, having ideas for my own and yet being utterly unable to realise them due to a total lack of talent, and an even more total lack of time! smiley icon: frown smiley icon: frown
Anyway, i had better get -some- work done on my uni assignment. Hopefully i can then spend the next two weeks getting this site nailed down. Definite target for the beginning of February is to have the Discussion boards up, running and live. *determined face* Oh yeah!
*scoots off to get frustrated at Flash*

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