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JavaScript and Irish Jo

Well, i got my car back a few days ago, and i am chuffed to say that it cost far less than i feared! YAY! Turned out it wasn’t dead gears, but a snapped gear-box mounting. Which is a Good Thing in so far as that works out at about £300 less than new gears. smiley icon: smile
Today consisted of getting up and doing some seriously long coding for the website. I found a great script after visiting digitalart.org that makes HTML formatted tooltips, downloaded it and spent the rest of the day adapting it all to fit in this site. And as i understand not a bit of JavaScript it took quite a while to suss it out. In any case, i got it to work and then uploaded the altered files, and after a bit of fuss with the server being stupid - they now work! Hover over a picture link to see them! smiley icon: smile
Having finally got it all working i went to pick up Mike and then down to Dawson’s to pick up Dawson himself and Irish Jo (that would be Jo, who is Irish) and visit the D&P. Jo i think was utterly impressed with our local tavern, remarking clearly that it was in every way superior to anywhere else she’d ever been. “Entertaining, cosy and just plain awesome!!”. Or possibly not. smiley icon: wink
After a while Jo and the rest of us hit the same wavelengeth (helped by everyone going to base humour levels) and a fun night was had! It proceeded to get funnier after retreating to Dawson’s abode, though Becky and Emma unfortunately didn’t attend (they had been at the pub though). smiley icon: sad There the argument from the pub about bubbles and their perpetuation in hot or cold water was put to scientific testing by Dr Daws while everyone else remarked upon Dawson and his prior research on Dolphins. You had to be there. :lol
We left at 3am, which is far too late. I -have- to start going to bed earlier.
Things we learned from today:
Bubbles occur in hot AND cold water
Irish Jo is cool, but evil, in a humorous way

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