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Well, on Sunday i went shopping with Grandad for a new PC for him, as the P166 with 48Mb RAM was getting seriously clunky. After a little while we ended up getting one from the dreaded PC World, where they actually had a good offer on! *shock*. Having got the thing back to his house it was a simple ceremony of ripping the old PC from it’s home and replacing it with the new Beast Of Power. If Grandad ever needs more than a 2.8Ghz P4 with 512Mb RAM and a 60Gb HDD, i shall be incredibly surprised. To the point of eating my proverbial hat.
Installation was as easy as plugging it in, then Grandad was away! Top stuff! Now i just have to retrieve everything from the old PC and burn it to CD so it can be put on the new one.

Monday was of course the pub quiz at The Ship. We came last. Surprisingly. After the quiz i think we may have gone round to Dawsons, but i honestly can’t remember.
Tuesday has evaporated from memory in it’s entirety. I guess i was drawing and coding and such. *hasn’t got a clue* Today i actually managed to get up relativity early. In the morning i went to my Grandparents in order to sort out a picture that needed scanning and mailing to me, and after that it was a quick run home to sort out what was happening today, as we were meant to be visiting Emma and Beckys new house at some point. Just as i got credit Becky phoned me to ask if i could make it 1pm to meet at her house. That was fine as it meant i could grab a drink and pick up Mike and Dawson first! smiley icon: smile After waking Mike up and picking up Dawson we arrived at Emma and Beckys house where it was decided we should go in my car as it’s slightly bigger (if underpowered). It turns out that the new house isn’t that far away (unless you catch rush hour traffic), which is a Good Thing. It’s very nice there, and will be amazing once properly renovated! We had a great time exploring before catching some toast and coffee (thanks Becky!) and going home (after going shopping for replacement bread). Later on we went the D&P for our customary drink, where we left and didn’t go to Dawsons after! WOW!

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