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we hates it, yess yess

Wow - it’s got to that time of year when i suddenly realise that time is going far too fast, striking fear and terror into my heart and brain, reducing this once proud man into a quivering twitching lame wreck who sits rocking back and forth on his big leather chair whinging and whining and moaning about how fast time is flying and…how much work he…*gasp*…needs to get done before…*deeeeeeep breath*…the Christmas deadline.

This week has been very busy and yet very unproductive. My lecturer at uni has irritated me to the point of destruction, throwing the most horrible design ideas at my project and insisting they’re great. I am supposed to be replacing my front end with a big gharish none-skipable flash animation. Need i say more? Uni work has been pretty dire since then as motivation has been low. At least i’ve started planning my Design Research Report a bit more. *sigh*

This week we have been out almost every single night, which is both good and great. I didn’t manage to get out last night though as work finished late, and then about 15 Potteries Center workers including myself had to wait 20min while the security guards drank a cup of tea before coming and letting the doors open for us to go home. After that i had to follow a diversion as the A50 was undergoing repair work. In the end everyone dropped over here for a little while after the pub closed, which was cool.

Today i’ve done a little more on my DRR for uni and also taken a couple of pictures which are up in the gallery. It’s been that foggy all day apart from an hour long gap between 3pm and 4pm, when it was clear as crystal. Then it went back like that again. Gotta love Stoke!

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