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smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile Jump! Sing it! Praise it! Hallelujha! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile
Winter is upon us, and winter-itus appears to be trying to sink its claws into the population. Eternal mist, short hours of dim daylight, the cold and impending deadlines… all create some vibes that just are not good. So, in an effort to dispell Winter-itus this entry is dedicated to happy things. I have even gone so far as to create another audio entry. Listen at your own peril. smiley icon: joke

Happy Things
- yesterday i got a new graphics card (9600Pro) and it works! smiley icon: smile
- i can play Neverwinter Nights again! smiley icon: smile and run the new eJay’s smiley icon: smile
- today i got some uni work finished and it feels kinda good in an odd icky way smiley icon: smile
- today it’s not misty! Its raining instead! at least it’s -proper- weather smiley icon: smile
- my friends rock, because they’re such nice people smiley icon: smile
- I’m getting a new bed very soon, which means i shall be able to sleep at night, be gone evil springs of poking! smiley icon: smile
- a SEMI SECRET THING i cant say about yet in the diary may be GOOD smiley icon: smile
So there we go, a list of happy things with at least a smattering of relevance to recent times. smiley icon: smile

Hmmm, i think i need some coffee, ive definitely been sat at this PC for too long now. I’ve gone all floaty and can’t concentrate. Ohh, the cows have congregated in the field outside. haha! you’re all getting wet! smiley icon: joke haha!
*looks at empty coffee mug* smiley icon: sad
Oh to heck with it, i’m incapable of thinking straight now so i’m gonna play some mindless computer games. *fires up Unreal Tournament 2003 and waits patiently to see if we’re going out tonight*

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