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whad a wonderful woyrld

Today, i am mostly feeling good about stuff, which is nice. smiley icon: smile I’m sitting listening to Air: Moon Safari, which fits my mood perfectly.
It was my little brothers birthday on Monday, he got F-Zero GX and Metroid Prime for his GameCube, both of which are kick ass games. At last he’s getting some real Nintendo down him and not naff StarWars games. *sniff* He’s all grown up at last. *wipes tear away* He’s also gone on a school trip to Alton Castle this week, but the sheer volume of stuff he’s had to take for a two night stay is ridiculous. I’m not exagerating when i say he could barely lift the rucksack, poor kid’s gonna suffer back problems at that rate. Anyway, no Thomas means i get a bedroom all to myself, which means good sleep and no throwing pillows at him when he snores. *bliss*

Wednesday saw Emma and Becky coming down for a visit to Charley Bassets, which was good. It was an enjoyable night, with Chris getting up to his usual antics in the name of beer and entertainment! Unfortunately i missed whatever it was he did or said to the bar maid to get her to label him as daft. smiley icon: sad It must have been good though because everyone was laughing! :lol After a couple of drinks we headed to Tesco for food before wandering off to our respective homes.

Tonight was another night at Charley Bassets, this time with Matt and Mike with Kath joining us after she finished work. As i wasn’t driving for a change i actually allowed myself to have a drink! They serve 35ml shots up there too, which is a nice discovery! a double Jack Daniels and double Cane Trader sorted me out rather nicely, and yet another good night was had.

I’m also getting a bit enthusiastic about my uni project, having discovered CSS properly by getting Eric Meyer on CSS and finding CSS Zen Garden. Talking of which i should probably go to uni and put my name down for a meeting next week. I hate how i have to drive a 24 mile round trip in order to spend precisely 20sec writing my name on a sheet of paper. :frown

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