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burninating Xion

Wow! I hadn’t realised it had been so long without a diary entry. Fortunately there’s been nothing to report until today anyway, so my inattentiveness is of no consequence.
Last night Ben extended an invitation to join him and Tom for a bonfire/fireworks extravaganza over at Tom’s place. It being Bonfire night at roughly this time of year (as is customary in Britain) we decided to join them. Mike and myself arrived a little late due to work, only to discover a bonfire a whole lot bigger than we had imagined, with a whole lot more people than we imagined. By Chris’s reckoning that hill top contained the entire population of Hollington. :lol
It turned out to be a really good night, and it was great to have a laugh with Hainsey and Ben, with Tom floating around the guests. I think Hainsey was somewhat taken aback by my new head folliage, and of course the customary mocking of the hair ensued. At least Chris jumped to my rescue by pointing out (and i quote his words) ‘its a hit with the ladies’. I don’t think anyone actually believed him though! :lol
When the fireworks arrived they did so in some considerable style. In fact the entire night far exceeded my expectations, and i think the same could be said of most of us too, it was very impressive! I especially liked the AWOL firework that went screaming past everyone near horizontally and exploded just above and beyond all the parked cars. I think someone didn’t quite stick that one in the ground hard enough. Joey, Chris and I especially liked the blue fireworks and the ones that span really fast and looked like little galaxies in the sky. smiley icon: smile Of course just when we thought it was all over they went all ’shock and awe’ on us, with loads of fireworks of all types going skyward. It managed to get even Hainsey, Ben and Chris’s attention, all of whom were having a bluetooth Sony Erickson orgy at the time. The fools.
Chris, Joey, Mike and myself left around midnight, which was good but also disappointing. It would have been nice to stay longer, but work the next day and a very odd ’sleepy’ feeling made us go home.

Other than that there has been little to report. My uni project is going to get something of a make over after my tutor ripped the front end of my site to shreds. Chris (web guru that he is) created a great little drawing to illustrate the problem i had, which turns out to be to do with how people ‘read’ a page, where they look first and such. Pretty critical stuff to know in the web industry, and yet (unsurprisingly) something that my £10k+ uni course has neglected to teach. *feigns shock* :frown
Anyway, one reason i’ve ordered a new book off Amazon, so i can start doing proper XHTML/CSS work, and thus give me appropriate tools with which to -design- properly. I think i shall be buying more ‘design’ books and magazines very soon. They teach me a hell of a lot more about websites and good design than i’ve learned on this uni course.

Oh! I’m an idiot! I forgot - the other night Matt, Kath, Mike and myself went to see the final Matrix film, which in my opinion was ‘quite good’, and in Mikes was ‘very good’. It certainly wasn’t bad, though there were a couple of scenes that i thought didn’t work very well (Trinity, would you just die already?!). In the end it looked very nice, and it wrapped the story up in the only way it could be wrapped up. So, no surprises, but still entertaining. Which is nice. smiley icon: smile :lol
While there we also discovered Baylies flavoured Haagen Daas which is possibly the nicest ice cream in the world, ever. It was on sale at 99p as opposed to the usual  1.80 for the tiny container, so everyone had some. Kath managed to pick one that didn’t have a spoon in it forcing me to eat all of mine as soon as i opened it! *innocent look* I took no pleasure at all in devouring it all near instantly. *innocent whistle* I let Kath have my spoon though. See what a generous brother i am?
In a semi related revelation it appears Mike has an elastic tongue which can lick the bottom of those ice cream containers unaided. That guy defies description.
Incidentally, for the sake of Joey, who moaned about my spelling recently, this entry has been run through a spell checker smiley icon: joke

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