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Haloween 2003

Would you believe that it’s Halloween again already? No? Well believe it, because it is! Up until yesterday we had somehow managed to be in a situation where nothing at all was planned for Halloween, but fortunately Matt had a posting spree on the forums and then Chris and Joey seemed to pile in and voila - things became suddenly organised! smiley icon: smile

Today (Haloween itself) i actually went to uni early and sat through a lecture that wasn’t irrelevant or boring! After that i went to test my uni project site and Chris’s Garlock site on the Macs in our base room. Mine is looking mostly as it should, but Garlock is throwing a few wobblers saddly. Bloody Macs. As i was doing that Xanthe, Andrea and Lisa arrived waiting for a talk with Colin (our lecturer) about their respective projects. I think that may be the first time i’ve been able to talk to them outside of a lecture ever! Was interesting to see their projects and i was amused when Xanthe said she might be out trick or treating! Andrea was dressing up at work, and i have pity for anyone who tries to buy a round in after last orders! :lol
I left them mid group-talk with Colin as i had to talk to another lecturer about my uni project (that homepage site)
Fortunately the lecturer seems to be very into my project, he thinks it has a lot of potential but says ‘it needs more killer ideas: you have a couple, but i’d like to see a list of ten, just to make this a killer site rather than a nice site’. Chris and myself are thrashing out killer ideas over in the forums! smiley icon: smile

Tonight went according to plan, which was great! A gathering at my house was conducted (with the blessing of my neighbour smiley icon: smile ), and everyone turned up! yay! Chris was all suited up and had a liberal appliance of scary make-up, Joey was the Spam Fairy incarnate (but gothed up), Kath was a black cat, Matt had a Scream mask he didn’t wear (wuss!), Pies was a baby…sorry, the devil smiley icon: wink , Gemma was a generic fairy, Mike wore a jesters hat just to be rebellious, i was a mad scientist, and that was it for the people who put fancy dress effort in. Other attendies were John and Carmel for all of 30min and Mike Helm and Sue! smiley icon: smile Was a good night, with Chris getting drunk and disappearing for aaages before Joey joined him and Chris decided to sing ‘i have a willy’ a lot. It all gradually wound down around 1am when people started falling asleep. Pies was the first to submit, snoring away on the living room floor. :lol

This haloween was cool, though Mike and myself had to be at work all the next day, which was rubbish! smiley icon: sad

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