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Power outage in Tean

Ohh…how exciting! Last night Mike, Chris, Kath and myself were sitting downstairs watching a DVD, settling down for a night of relaxation and mirth when suddenly we were plunged into absolute silence and darkness! Power cut! Typically we had also just sat down to some spaghetti bolognase that Kath had made, so in the pitch black we downed plates and went on the hunt for candles and matches. I broke out my camping gas lantern and we studded candles all over the place.
Normally when we get a powercut (which is rare) it doesn’t last long at all, but half an hour passed and i decided to take a look and see if it was just our street or not - from my parents bedroom we could see that the entire of my village was without power. Being the curious people we are and not having anything else to do we went for a drive to see how far the outage spread, listening to the radio on the way. Driving through Tean was weird as there were no lights at all apart from car headlamps, if only the sky hadn’t been cloudy we’d have had a beautiful view of the stars… By the time we got to Cheadle they had power again, but a large area had been effected according to the radio, so we went in search of other places, unfortunately it seemed only Tean was still without power. We went back home and played I-spy for far too long before the power came back (4hrs out). It was nice of Chris and Mike to stay, seeing as there was nothing to do. Turned out 25,000 homes had been effected as a faulty generator had caught fire at the supply station.
We stayed up till about 4am, which was nice because we went into that phase of phillosophical discussion about stuff, like religeon, life, the universe and such. I like that sort of talk.

Today i parted with  750 for my car insurance, which (i hope) ends the financial outgoings for this ridiculously expensive month. Again Chris and Mike came over, and by the time we got to the living room Matt had somehow magically appeared too. We ended up watching Dog Soldiers, which could have been so good if it hadn’t been coated in so much film-o-graphical cheese. Then we watched Akira, which is great. TETSUOOOOO!!!
Let us not forget the spider incident either! Earlier in the night we had spotted one of the larger spiders that tend to wander around the living room at night, to which Mike’s response was ‘pft, thats not big! ha!’ and there was much macho posing and ‘i am not scared of spiders’ action. Some time later, Mike found himself sprawled across the floor chilling out while watching the TV, and just in the background was this spider, back from his lap around the room. The spider had spotted Mike and apparently decided to investigate the fluffy head end of him, as the spider approached Matt issued a warning along the lines of ‘Mike - spider coming for ya!’…and then the spider went super sonic, racing toward Mikes ear at ridiculous speeds. Mike’s reaction was even faster! With a girl like yelp and a look of terror the guy moved like lightening, legs already pedelling frantically in anticipation of hitting the floor and running away.
We laughed our asses off! :lol

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