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freaking microsoft

Good morning Vietnam! Today, just this minute, i have finally gotten my new PC to work the way it’s supposed to work. I’d like to thank my friends for getting me through this and keeping me sane long enough to thwart Microsoft’s attempts to drive me insane. Bad Microsoft, but who’s yo daddy? huh? I’m yo daddy! *spanks the microsoft*
Yes, the oddysey of setting up a new PC is finally over. Apache/PHP/Windows and MySQL fought me every step of the way, making up files, telling me they existed while Microsoft’s find feature batted it’s eyes and told me they surely didn’t. DX9 thwarted my attempts to rip my CDs to the hard disk by crippling my CD drive and making copying a 40min task rather than the 2min task it should be. But yay, all is now right, DX9 has been banished and i can finally use my PC again! I am now shunting most of my music collection to HDD - 7Gb so far (1,600 tracks). w00t!

This week i have been haemorrhaging money from my wallet in a similar manner to someone who has been slashed across the stomach with a nuclear tipped tactical Katana sword haemorrhages blood. *eek* Desperately needed PC bits total £500+, car service and MOT was £175, three Bjork albums and an Air album was £33 (i need new music to live), and the suffering inflicted on the wallet shall only get worse. Mere days away is Car Insurance Renewal Day at £750+. Total outgoings this month will exceed £1500. Which is really really bad seeing as incoming for the month is about £200. smiley icon: sad
Anyways, i only upgraded because i absolutely had to and i knew i can afford it, so i’m trying to calm the money part of my panic-brain down and make it concentrate on uni work panicing. My brain is very adept at panicing over things it shouldnt. smiley icon: sad

In other news, this week has so far not seen much action in the social department owing to numerous reasons too complicated to imagine. smiley icon: wink Joey has re-appeared in good old Stoke having gotten a train from Bangor uni. Well, i say got a train, i mean she got a train half way then got a bus. Well, i say got a bus, she didn’t get a bus in the end, she called her mum for a lift and then they got home. Well, i say then they got home, actually they got shunted at a roundabout first by ‘a really nice man’ and then got home. How you can get the rear end of your car ran into by a ‘nice man’ i dont know. Clearly a nice man that can’t drive properly at any rate. smiley icon: frown
Today i get to work from the hour of 5pm until 9pm, which is lovely. No really. I love working at night in busy pre-christmas situations. Honest.

I’m listening to Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission atm, and now I feel the need to go clubbing again. I can not believe that clubbing excursions for 2003 number one. A singular, solitary, all on its own: once. Seeing as 2002 saw us clubbing looooads and loving it, saw us bouncing about to the First Lady of Hard House at one of her live sets, larging it up with the hardcore fratternity, glo-sticks, body paint, yoda backpacks, crazy hair and the obligatory massive guy wearing a ‘Lashed’ t-shirt…where’s the love this year? I’m am distinctly lacking in ‘that woofer is shaking me bodily and placing an imovable grin on my face’ action. Not even any trance to tantilise the mind and soul.
We need to go clubbing again. Somewhere decent. I need to go get Lashed again…

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