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*growl* Not the best couple of days in the world these last two. Yesterday was my sisters birthday, which i only remembered at 11pm the night before. Yesterday i was busy at work, which was scheduled to finish at 9pm, but actually finished at 10:30pm *anger* Consequently my sister had no present from me. I feel like a crap brother.
Today i decided to finally buy new PC bits because mine is falling over every chance it gets. The processor cooler their website says is in stock isn’t in stock until Monday, so the guy suggested a replacement. I got home, ripped my PC to bits and started building the new one…to discover the cooler is the wrong one. Though i had ordered an Athlon compatible cooler, had bought an Athlon Barton 2800+ at the same time as a new Athlon based motherboard…he’d given me a freaking Pentium 4 based cooler. So my shiny new PC is sitting there utterly useless. I’ll have to sacrifice my dinner tomorrow to go down there and get a replacement one, and there shall be some words said too. Idiots. I feel crap.
Last nights text conversation with Emma did nothing to improve my mood either. Why can’t life just roll along nicely? Why does crap have to happen? Why do the actions or in-actions of one or the few have to have this whole snowballing effect that messes up with other peoples lives? I just want a friend or two back, no excuses or blame making because frankly there’s plenty to go around but none of it makes any difference anyway. I just want stuff back the way it used to be…oh, say this time last year. Before certain things and people went a little bit crazy. When we used to go out and have -fun-. I remember that used to happen, you know, the go out have a laugh, go home happy thing. Not for a long time though, and there’s not even been the going out for a few months.
GRAH! Life should not be so bloody unfair, and nice people should not be able to cause so much hurt, nor have to take so much either. Good things shouldn’t have to change and bad things just shouldn’t happen in the first place.

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