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Well i meant to update the diary yesterday, because i had stuff to write about and it was going to be great. But i didn’t. So now i’m updating it today, where i can not think of anything particularly good to write. Now, i know that a good read tends to happen when the thing being read is in some way extreme or OTT: something Billy Connely said. Sooooo…
Damn has today been a bad day to be on a computer! I swear to god that my PC is trying it’s damndest to push me over the edge. It’s willing me to pick up it’s ugly grey case and throw it out of the window. Photoshop will no longer display half it’s dialogue boxes, which makes it almost useless. Dreamweaver sits there happily telling me my new webpage looks spanking fine, yes the CSS is hunky doory and by jove isn’t that a neat bit of XHTML? *dreamweaver pats itself on the back* Meanwhile Internet Explorer and Mozilla are both telling me: CSS? I think not sir, we’ll have that cell being centre aligned, no no, i insist, and do you really want that input box 16px high? of course not! there you are, have 24px and while we’re at it we don’t like that shade of blue so we’ll make your text black. There, isn’t that more like what you were wanting?’.
Whilst that’s going on our cheeky young scamp ‘Download Accelerator’ is being slowly drip fed the new Mozilla build via ye olde modem line. It proudly displays those Kb numbers creeping up… 7,512Kb … 7,520Kb … 7,528Kb … 0Kb … 12Kb … TWELVE Kb?! What the heck!? So i ask Mr Download Accelerator quite what he thinks he’s doing ‘Oh well, see sir, i got lost about the seven thousand mark and just had to start all over again. Sorry about that. Never mind, only three quaters of an hour downloading wasted, could be worse’. *gets ready to break something*
In short - my PC has it in for me, and to top it off i no longer like the design of my new website project i spent all day on.
A break was needed, and so Chris and myself went round to Mike’s to watch Stanley Kubrik’s Full Metal Jacket, which was surprisingly good in every area. Good story, beautifully shot, good image quality etc. Then we watched a few episodes of Futurama on DVD. :lol That cartoon is great!

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