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an early night?

*parks bum on seat* Ahhhhh, that’s nice. Today has been reasonably none-stop, as was yesterday, the day before and most of the last week. Would you believe that tonight is a night in for everyone bar Chris? (Chris is at Joey’s because she’s back from uni for the weekend) My intention for tonight was to get some uni work done; i have chosen an option grouping which means a lot of work needs to get done in the first semester of this year. That plan has flown out the window for now, because i’m just too tired, and also because i refuse to use the net for research while my phone line is throwing another wobbler. You can always tell when winter is coming, because my internet connection nosedives. I randomly can’t connect due to a very noisy phone line, or when i do connect i connect at 14Kbps. Which is useless. Literally. It is something that infuriates me, as BT (wonderful company that they are) seem incapable of finding a fault on a line when i can barely hear the person i’m complaining to due to clicking and noise. Anyway, less of me moaning about BT.

Yesterday saw the return of both Pies and Joey, and thus we went to Charley Bassetts for a drink, which was very nice indeed. The barmaid was cute as a cute thing too, which is always a bonus. smiley icon: wink Poor Joey had to put up with a night of lads humour, worsened by the fact that Pies and Chris put together become Kings Of Smut. It was a good night though, and Joey even joined in. That girl could take over the world the way she’s going!

A couple of nights ago (i have no idea when anymore) Chris, Mike and myself ended up in Nantwich after setting out for a local pub. Neither of them would tell me ‘left’ or ‘right’, so i just drove straight on until i was forced to make a lefty-righty decision. We passed Emma and Beckys and found ourselves heading into Crew before Chris directed us toward a pizza place. Nantwich seemed nice, but very dead. The tudor buildings were very cool and really distorted with age. smiley icon: smile We got pizza and then went home. Not too exciting really. smiley icon: sad

I am reasonably sure i had more to say and waffle about, but alas it is 9pm, and i’ve had no tea and been sleeping pretty poorly all week…my brain is not up to diary writing. That said i shall wave goodbye and go hunt some food from the cupboard. See you later. *waves*

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