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Matt vs Lion

I’ve neglected the diary for a little while, so i’ll bring you up to speed.
Not a lot has happened.
Now that you are up to speed on events in the world of Matt Wilcox i can exclusively reveal that my uni project is going to change your life and make me millions.* that homepage site is going to be your new homepage. Oddly enough. Not yet though, if you were to make it your homepage now that would be silly because it doesn’t do anything yet. It’s in the formulative stage of design, and my little brain is already plotting the PHP required to make this new website a place of genius. And beauty. And maybe genius too.
This new marvel of the internet, the first of seven wonders of the internet world should be thrusting it’s glory toward your monitor by Christmas (edit: Xmas 2004 at this rate). You are looking forward to it. *loves subliminal suggestions*
In other, less geeky news: I’m updating the diary from uni. How cool is that!? smiley icon: smile Hang on…that was still geeky wasn’t it? *frown*
Oh! Mike G, Chris and myself went to Charley Bassetts last night, which was nice. Charley Bassetts is a pub by the way. We had a nice quiet drink like the old men that we are, before departing to Tesco, which we discovered is in the middle of a change around. Mike was so disorientated and lost that he only ended up buying and eating five sandwiches; he could not locate the ‘Mikes Food’ stand that everyone else calls the ‘reduced to clear’ section. Two Thumbs Tip Fresh. smiley icon: wink
While at Tesco we did manage to discover a new breakfast cereal: Nestle Lion cereal. You know Lion bars, that have chocolate and caramel? Well we figured this must be that but in raw cereal form, and thus having the added goodness of Milk to further enhance the eating experience. We bought some. Well, after dropping people off and getting home i ate my five slices of turkey and a Peperami before glancing at the Lion box. It called to me, called in a guttural lion-like growl: ‘eat me’. ‘Oh really?’ i thought, ‘Well just bring it on Mr Lion. Bring. It. On.’ I launched into an attack of ferocious ferocity, making mincemeat of its outer cardboard defences, and after a brief struggle the plastic bag inside also fell to my attack: the innards of the beast were spilt into the bowl upon which i had earlier placed The Lion, almost sacrificially.
I poured Full Cream Milk all over it’s still warm innards and began to eat, only to discover…
that stuff tastes like dry dog food looks. smiley icon: sad

* may not make me millions


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  1. Matt Wilcox posted 3 years, 69 days, 18hrs after the entry and said:

    If only I'd finished this - it was essentially Delicious / Magnolia - but about a year before either of those Web 2.0 sites came to be! *cry*

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