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randomness - the key to happiness

Evening all! So randomness then…ever wonder just how random randomness is? No? Fair enough.
How about telepathy? Ever had an event occur with someone and you both just go ‘woah!’? Me and Mike do that. Used to be me and Vickie, we could finish each others sentences, ring each other at the same time and randomly mention stuff we were both thinking. Understandable as we were going out i guess. Now Mike has stolen my brain frequency. Which worries me. A little too often we will end up thinking the same supposedly random thing. The other day he phoned me while i was sat on the PC (at the chair at my PC, not on the PC itself!) and did a home star impression. Neither of us have so much as mentioned anything homestar related in aaaages. Only minutes before his call had i got off the home star website…the first time i’d visited it in months. Weird? Not on it’s own, but throw a few of those in every week and it gets weird.

Ever wondered just how small a world it is in which we live? The fact that people you thought had no connection do in fact have connections? Take my old mate Dan Myatt. Good lad, not part of ‘the gang’…only it turns out Pies and Chris went to school with him, in the same class and went to music festivals as a trio. Another example? The random hot blonde Mike, Ben and i saw on the bus every week in our Leek college days turns out years later to be Chris’s sister *waves hello to Sue*. Want more? The random guy from my class at uni knows I work at Game because he used to go out with the random girl that worked there with me as a Christmas temp. More? You can’t handle more! More to the point i can’t think of more examples of randomly related people off hand either, but there -are- more examples i swear!

What am i trying to say? Why nothing dear audience, but did you know that the average human brain can only store 7 things (plus or minus 2) in short term memory before needing to either commit some to long term or discard something from short term? That means with my irrelevant whittering i’ve made you either commit to long term memory the fact that Chris’s sister is a hottie (which is a useless fact for you to remember), or i made you forget to check the toast you are cooking. In which case your kitchen is now on fire.

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