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Now i know certain people among you, seeing the title of this entry, may object to the term ‘nostalgia’ used for something not very old…but you’re talking about a time when i was almost 12, which is about 50% of my life ago.
What’s triggered this nostalgia? Mikey boy got his Amiga out of retirement baby! Talk about a blast from the past, that thing rocks. Last night was spent competing in some of the most fun and playable computer games ever made. Forget your Half-Life’s, your Deus Ex’s, Mario Sunshine’s, Halo’s and such…we’re talking games that were incredibly simple in concept but ridiculously hard and competative. We’re talking Tanks (side scrolling, two tanks, turn based, you have to judge the power and trajectory to hit your opponent across varied terrain), we’re talking Silkworm and SWIV, North and South, Shadow of the Beast and Stunt Car Racer. Dude, those things did 3D!
I think we came to a conclusion that the old games are actually more fun than a lot of the current games. There’s something that’s simply more entertaining about them. And the late 80’s synthisised techno just works. While we’re on a nostalgia trip, i have just discovered Led Zeppelin (i borrowed dads CD) and what can you say? Roooock! smiley icon: wink Yes i know it’s not nostalgia for me and thus the word was incorrectly used. smiley icon: joke
*has a weird desire to dust off his Bass Guitar and go play a diddly*

Anyways, less of looking at the past and more of that future stuff…i think the timetable for uni is now sorted out. Mostly. That means i shall be at uni today, where hopefully i’ll find out what this Design Futures option i apparently took is about.
I have just discovered that my character in Neverwinter can use magic. Which i hope will make things easier. I’m a dumb-ass at times.
Oh! Shocking news…i actually washed and vacuumed my car yesterday. Yes, i actually got time to do it, and now it is clean. Turns out my car is blue.
You know what else? I’ve just realised that i washed my hair this morning and then gone and put some big-assed headphones on before it’s dry. I’m going to have a rather fetching dent in my hair for the rest of the day. Beautiful.

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