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new look website

Wahoo! At last the new look website is finished! Of course when i say finished i actually mean mostly finished. The forums still need re-doing and there’s the odd tiny thing to change. The About section has been updated, Joey is now living happily in the About People section.
So yeah, i can take a break from coding for a few days, which is nice. What i can’t do is play Neverwinter Nights in my new found free time. Is it really too much to ask for my PC, just once, only once, to play a game, any game, properly? Without crashing, or without a glitch, without reminding me why consoles exist at all? To add insult to injury, though my PC meets the ‘recomended’ specs for Neverwinter, it still runs horribly, and then there’s the mouse quirk. My mouse will randomly dart down to the bottom left of the monitor. In Unreal Tournament this means i’m suddenly looking at the floor spinning around instead of taking the head off a competitor with the sniper rifle. In Neverwinter it means i’m zoomed in on my character spinning about uselessly while the enemy is putting sword shaped holes in my blocky smudged-texture torso.
People…i need a new PC.

Today i got up early to go to uni. My final year i figured i’d be in when i’m supposed to, so i got all enthusiastic thinking ‘this year will be better’. I get there and my lecture doesn’t start till next week, the timetables aren’t sorted and it’s raining. And my nose is running. I swear this world exists only to mock me. smiley icon: laugh
Anyway, i got home and was cheered up by homestar runner and the new Strong Bad emails. Damn that’s about the only site in the world where Flash is well used.
I took a look at the macromedia website seeing as the new 2004 versions of Dreamweaver and Flash are out…macromedia seem to be oblivious to the fact that some people don’t have broadband. I really did want to learn about the new features, but my modem can’t do flash powered animation and high quality streaming audio all at once.
People…i need broadband
…which brings me onto another annoyance. BT adverts with tag lines like ‘Broadband has landed’ or BT sales people phoning asking ‘would you like to sign up with BT broadband as your ISP?’. Yes miss BT woman, yes i would, but your money grabbing greedy corporation won’t actually install broadband in my area due to ‘low demand in rural areas’, SO WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME?! smiley icon: angry
Tonight i hope to eat some chips and chill out with Chris and Mike. I need a break from the PC. Evil PC.

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