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ack *snif*

Well today was my first day back at uni and somewhat unsurprisingly it was (again) a shambles. Yet again the schedules are not finalised, Colin (our course leader) was double booked, and the cold i contracted yesterday persisted in making my brain dead weight for my head. I parted with £500 uni fees and thus is the annual ‘damage the wallet’ season begun. Shortly there will be MOT, car insurance and road TAX too. Not to mention that christmas thing! :lol
In other news the Sony Ericson T610 i was going to get appears to be taking over the world. Ben had one days after i started looking at it, Mike Hains has one, Matt Ward has one, two people at uni had one. I’ve decided not to bother, they may be only £120 for the moment, but the built in camera is too low resolution for what i wanted, and they’re…ugh…common! smiley icon: wink *pats his Nokia 3410*
Had i not got this cold i was hoping to have had the new look website up and running by this weekend, but i’ve been unable to figure out some of the code in my terribly weakened condition. *cough* Next week people, next week. I’m really quite pleased with it so far! smiley icon: smile

My sister and Dawson start uni next week, though i think they’re enrolling Saturday. Joey and Ben are already at Bangor uni, poor Joey seems far too busy judging by her chat on the forums. I think Ben should lend her a hand! smiley icon: joke
Chris and myself are both thinking it’s time to upgrade our PCs. I hadn’t realised it, but my ‘beast’ is now three years old, no wonder it’s getting a bit unstable, that 850Mhz 512Mb bhemoth is getting pretty under-spec and cluttered now. Plus it won’t run Neverwinter Nights well at all, Radeon or no. I shall have to see how my funds look after Christmas. smiley icon: worry
Other than that there’s not much to say really, i’ve spent most of this last week coding the new look site and so haven’t gone out much. Hopefully tonight i shall be at The Potter with Matt and Mike, and maybe Chris if we can drag him out. smiley icon: wink

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