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overworked, underpaid

Hi there. Well it feels like it’s been at least a week since i last went out with anyone, but looking back it would appear to have been only a few days ago. Which is scary. This week i have been doing stupid hours at work (for me), and it’s thrown me out completely! I am not used to 9 or 11 hour shifts. I fell into bed last night and i fell asleep right away, on my back. I -never- sleep on my back. On my side, curled up, or on my front, but never on my back. It is a measure of how tired i actually am that i found such a position comfy enough to lose conciousness in. :lol
This week Game said hello to the lovely Leeanne, a new trainee smiley icon: smile *waves* It also said goodbye to her smiley icon: sad *waves* Not because we’re all horrible (apparently) but because she’s got offered a job doing something she really wants to do.
Mike has faced his trial by fire at college and found himself to be fire-retardent. He had to strip to undies for his Massage class. The massage class being a class full of 16-28yr old women. Who are ‘mostly really fine’. While they also were semi-naked. There were no telltale bulges i am reliably informed. smiley icon: wink :lol You’re a braver man than I sir!
Yesterday i bought Neverwinter Nights but didn’t get chance to play it. I tried installing it twice today only for my less-than-reliable PC to crash trying to load it with a missing dll error. I got it working first time on the other PC and i think it’s going to get highly addictive! I have a half-elf ranger now. With a great big sword. smiley icon: smile And a quaterstaff. smiley icon: smile Oh god, i’m getting into D and D! AGH!
Honestly, i did have some good rambling thoughts to put in this entry, but i’ve forgotten them now i’ve sat down. They were really great, honest! Imagine you read them and they were funny and intelligent and that you have learned something new and indeed amazing from them. Thanks! smiley icon: wink
Tomorrow i get another 8.5hr shift and then i am FREE for a whole two days! w00t! smiley icon: smile Which means…website work to be done! I’m still aiming at getting the new look site up by midweek next week. It’s going to be sooo much easier to navigate and look soooo much nicer than this current version! smiley icon: smile

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