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Ashborne Outing

Well that was something i wasn’t expecting. I went to put my UNKLE cd into my Discman to listen to it…and it doesn’t physically fit. As it spins around the side of the disk hits the CD players casing. Damn Sony and their not-quite-enough-room design! Damn whoever made the UNKLE disks and their lax manufacturing tolerances!
Anyway…i’ve decided i want to make the diary a whole lot less ‘formal’ and a lot more McWaffely (new word, &0169;Matthew Wilcox). Why? Well because reading through the last dozen or so enteries they’re all pretty damn boring aren’t they? I mean we did cool stuff and all, but my god my writing style has just rotted away into this pathetic barely twitching monologue of report drudgery. No longer! From now onwards i intend to subject you to my inner mind, my wandering thoughts, my insights into life the universe and Bob the cutiewhee. I also intend to have a diary entry that reads well, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. smiley icon: smile *blinks away the crazy glint in his eye*
While i’m here i have to mention last nights trip up to Ashborne with Chris, Mike G, John, Carm, Cassia, Ben, Matt and Kath.
We went to Ashborne.
That mentioned i shall carry on with my McWaffelyness (new word, &0169;Matthew Wilcox)…
Oh OK then, i’ll tell you more! It was a great night out actually, Chris was pleasantly surprised by Ashborne, not having been before. He was also quite drunk and there were a lot of good looking women about, which i’m sure had no bearing whatsoever on the quality of our night out. smiley icon: wink Sadly under Bens insistence we had to pub crawl and each successive move brought us to a pub with less and less women and more and more old men…makes me wonder about Bens motives in that regard… smiley icon: wink Only kidding dude! :lol
Chris managed to end up talking to a drunk crazy woman while we were waiting for out Donner Pizza to cook, who we bumped into later on. A drunken conversation about cash machines ensued before said lady staggered away to a taxi. Pizza was eaten at Weaver Hill and everyone chilled there before we made it home at about 1:30am
Today i decided i’m buying Neverwinter Nights ASAP! smiley icon: smile

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