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chris's 24th bens 21st

Last monday (the 1st) saw Joey packing ready for her holiday to America and Mike, Chris and myself down at The Ship getting drunk. Now i know we often go to the pub, but it’s not very often at all we get drunk! Turned out to be good fun, and if i remember right that was the same night Emma Cook and Kath were there too. Was nice to see Emma again, esp as she had decided my new ‘not cut’ hair was an improvement smiley icon: smile

Wed (3rd) was Mr Chris’s birthday! We went to The Ship and got drunk! Ben, Becky, Mike G, Kath, Matt, Sue and Mike Helm all in attendance. I got too drunk for the volume of alcohol consumed! Chris had a good night, as did we all, which was great smiley icon: smile Sue commented on liking my hair as she left. Now i never ever get complimented about the way i look, and Sue made it the fourth person in a week to comment about how i look in a good way. It’s a nice boost to my confidence, and i thank those people for saying so, it means a lot. Seriously. I also thank Sue, Chris and Kath for the whole ‘Matthew Makeover‘ that occured, without which i’d still be looking 100% geek. smiley icon: smile

Thus (4th) Chris found out he’d got the Garlock contract he’d been (secretly) pretty anxious about. I also ended up at The Star with Ben, Tom, Mike and Chris after a late shift at work. Which was really boring. Unsurprisingly. Friday me and Chris chilled out at Weaver Hill
Sat (6th) was Bens party, which was great! Chris was drunk by the time i got there! I handed him his present (Airwolf DVD) and Ben his (APC: Mer De Noms) while Chris was telling me two women had asked if i was going to be there! Quote: ‘As though you are a rockstar dude!’ Turned out it was Katie who i used to work with at Iceland and her friend, it was great to see them both! Sadly they left before the party got started properly due to other engagements. smiley icon: sad The party was great, Chris even went and danced!

Yesterday (8th) Mike, Chris and myself went out to a pub in Alton and chilled out to some DJ Shadow and Mike’s own tunes plaid live in the car with an old old CASIO keyboard he’d found at home! :lol
Today i worked and am now watching ‘Jump London’ where mad people are jumping insane heights/distances

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