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post cornwall

Matt and Kath arrived back home a day after Mike and myself as they disliked the campsite everyone had moved to. There was a substantial amount of chilling out, Mike, Chris and myself watched a few DVDs over here and all was nice.
Everyone else returned last weekend and last Monday had everyone out at The Star for a post Cornwall gathering. It was good fun, though we moved pub while Chris and Pies endeavoured to join us on our evening, and they didn’t realise we’d moved - and went to the wrong pub. Pies and myself had an interesting text conversation. He fought valiently but frankly was not his usual sublimely insulting self, and i feel i out-matched him on this ocassion. Though as anyone who knows Pies will know, Pies can never lose, he just changes the rules smiley icon: wink

Mike, Kath, Matt and myself went to see Terminator 3 last week, which is a great movie, and even a reasonable Terminator. This week Matt, Kath, Tom, Ben, Mike and myself went Ten Pin Bowling. In the middle of our second game we had to evacuate as there was a fire. We were issued with free tickets and while the minor fire that had closed the entire of Festivle Park was delt with we went to Pizza Hut and got some food, where another table tried to pretend we were with them and thus pass on their bill to us. We ended up getting a £60 bill, which we immediately got corrected. Cheeky buggers!
After that we went back to Bowling and had our two free games, though i was too tired to appreciate them really. Post food ‘i need to sleep’ action was what i wanted. After that (and a series of frankly insane strikes/spares from Kath, who bowls by walking up to the deck and just dropping the ball) everyone but Ben went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Which is a great movie! Johnny Depp is brilliant, and the whole film impressed.

Yesterday Ben got a new car: Peugeot 306 Tdi, new shape, which is very tidy! Mike, Chris and myself watched Ronin on DVD, which is pretty good i think! smiley icon: smile
Tonight everyone ended up at The Butchers, which has had a facelift and is pretty nice now. Pies got very insulted by Carm’s inadvertent questioning of his sexuality. :lol Exactly what Pies doesn’t want to hear! :lol

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